Urgent Fundraiser For Ukrainian Children&

Urgent Fundraiser For Ukrainian Children's Hospital Aid With UA Brokers Without Borders

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Fund medications that are crucial for the survival of newborns and children under 5

A joint project between United With Ukraine and UA Brokers Without Borders to fundraise.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 started, more than 600 children have been killed or injured.

And many more will suffer from health complications due to the lack of medical assistance and medications.
But you can help them in two simple ways.
Together with the UA Brokers Without Borders, United With Ukraine raises £100 000 to help vulnerable Ukrainian kids survive. 

UA Brokers Without Borders worked closely with 32 children's hospitals in Ukraine to select the most critical needs. They carefully chose the essential medications that we can buy within Ukraine. We then will quickly distribute them to the hospitals to treat children.

How can you help?

  1. Please share this information so more people can see it and help children using the hashtag #savetheukrainianchildren
  2. Donate any amount to fund providing medical help for them as soon as possible.

Remember that small donation also matter, and you can easily spare the amount you usually spend on your morning coffee.

The photo was provided by the obstetrician Lubov Mochalova (Kyiv).

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Ukraine needs your help, today

You, and thousands of other caring people like you, can be the difference in this emergency.

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Why donate to us?

We've achieved what others deemed impossible.

We have confirmed aid deliveries to over 50 hospitals, including in Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, and Kyiv.

It's hard to imagine..

In Ukraine, you can't just go to the pharmacy for your prescriptions. Most are destroyed, closed, or critically short of medical supplies. It hurts to think about how this would affect each of us - but that's the reality in Ukraine.

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