Our Partners

Our Partners

As a grassroots organization working to help Ukraine as quickly as possible, we rely heavily on our partners. And they have certainly delivered.

Ukraine Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has been pivotal in procurement. They tell us exactly where supplies need to go and what supplies are needed.


A humanitarian aid liaison, HelpUkraine.center has enabled us to coordinate with volunteers throughout the country so that we can effectively deliver supplies.


Ukraine’s national postal service in coordination with some of our other partners have made it possible for us to create an on-the-ground delivery network within the country.

Xpand Logistics

They’ve been providing logistic support for us from the beginning, arranging international customs so that we can get aid into Poland.

Type One Style

This is where it all began. Giving us that first 125k of donated supplies, Type One Style provided essentially everything that a charitable organization could possibly need to get up and running.

Fearless Adventures

An investment firm that authentically wanted to help, Fearless Adventures has provided comprehensive marketing and fundraising help.

This is where you get to make a difference! Click here to help learn how you can help those in Ukraine.


 UA Brokers Without Borders


Created by Ukrainian women, living abroad, they deliver effective, bulk humanitarian aid to Ukraine in response to Russia’s invasion and continued war.