Meet the Team


The founder and director of which started off the movement. Charlie is from the UK and has a background in e-commerce, medical distribution, and logistics. He does not have a connection to Ukraine and is simply driven by an overwhelming desire to help.


The founder of a start-up for people with diabetes, is a digital marketer with more than 13 years of experience. Her passion is social media marketing, building communities, and connecting with people. Lena is from Ukraine, specifically Horlivka (Donetsk region), and is now in the UK.


Ann leads our on-site distribution operations at United with Ukraine, and is an incredible volunteer. She has had a myriad of roles in her life but pledges her time ensuring all supplies are correctly loaded and promptly shipped to those in need. Ann is a force to be reckoned with and outperforms both man and machine, every time.


Valentin was born in Odesa and now serves Ukraine from London, using his IT and logistics expertise to co-ordinate our logistics operations and manage our delivery network.

Valentin, a key logistics coordinator at united with ukraine


Natalia was born in Uzhgorod; a small town in Ukraine. Natalia is extremely passionate about supporting her home country and is an expert in digital strategy. Natalia has a crucial role in outreach in Ukraine and coordinating delivery of humanitarian aid to hard to reach places.

Natalia, an ecommerce strategy professional at united with ukraine