Our Mission

Our Mission

Unprecedented world events call for unprecedented global solutions.

A crisis of this magnitude impacting so many Ukrainian citizens, calls for us to work together to help those who are otherwise helpless.

Our objective is to:

  • Deliver high-impact, high-value medical supplies to populations in need, focusing on diabetes supplies, trauma aid, tactical medical supplies, defibrillators, and more.
  • Help underserved populations get life-sustaining supplies that will make a huge difference in their quality of life.
  • Provide children in Ukraine as well as those in Poland refugee centers with the medical care they require.

We are relying on donations from people like you—people who are watching and witnessing the devastation and atrocities daily occurring in Ukraine and want to help but aren’t sure how. So far, we’ve been able to ship over £1,300,000 of medical supplies to Ukraine. Social media channels and direct online pleas for support have enabled us to accomplish this.

And yet, it is not enough…Not nearly enough.

Those afflicted by diabetes are of primary concern as there is currently a disproportionate need for help among people suffering from this condition. They have been left without life-sustaining medications and supplies such as glucose monitors and hemostatic gauze. The resources and aid we can give them means they get to have a quality of life.

We are working with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine as well as the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK. Our goal is to raise £10m or more given the access we now have to massive quantities of medical supplies ready to ship. And because we are working with contacts in hospitals throughout Kharkiv, Odesa, Sumy, Kyiv, and Lviv, contacts we are able to speak to directly, 1-on-1, we know where supplies need to go and which populations currently need them most.

The difficult part of course is delivering aid into the midst of a warzone. But given our volunteer network, we have been able to plug into existing logistics systems in Ukraine. Volunteers then collect and shuttle that aid onto trains; some of it is flown in by volunteer pilots. We also rely on heroic individuals willing to take the risk and actually drive much-needed equipment from the UK into Ukraine.

We’ve somehow managed to build our own successful distribution network despite the tragic and dangerous circumstances. Regardless of the situation, our mission is to provide the aid that people need in a rapid, “act-now” way.