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We are using donated money to purchase brand new life-saving medical supplies and then co-ordinate distribution of these inside hard to reach parts of Ukraine.

  • £10 can provide a week's worth of critical blood glucose testing equipment to diabetics trapped in a bomb shelter in Kyiv.
  • £50 can provide an emergency blood control and first aid pack for the wounded.
  • £100 can provide sleeping bags and basic first aid kits to a displaced family.
  • £1,000 can purchase a portable defibrillator to rescue civilians in their last moments.
  • £5,000 pays the logistics costs of an entire lorry of assorted medical aid from the UK to Ukraine.
  • £10,000 can purchase advanced portable equipment for the evacuation of babies from hospitals.
  • £25,000 will pay for a month of advanced equipment for 500 children suffering with type one diabetes.
  • £50,000 will pay for over 1,000 first aid kits, which can save up to 3000 civilian and volunteer lives.
  • £100,000 helps purchase and reinforce ambulances to assist in evacuations.

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