Call to Action

The Situation is Urgent!

Since Late February, Russia has been carrying out a systematic attack on Ukraine and its people—innocent people. Almost 4 million refugees have fled the war-torn country. Countless lives have been tragically lost. If you’ve thought about helping the effort at all, if you’ve been wondering how you can best “Stand with Ukraine”—this is the way.

We are a charity for the people, run by the people, to get much-needed medical supplies to the people of Ukraine. The network we have in place enables us to send your donations directly to Ukraine and do so quickly. What we are delivering is truly high value, high impact, targeted medical aid; meaning, no general aid, no low impact aid, just what is going to make a difference right now for Ukrainians.

Versus other types of “easy” aid, our medical and healthcare supplies are genuinely difficult to source. This is what your donation provides, and we ensure that it gets delivered rapidly and accurately.

Young Ukrainian Boy with Flag

During this tragic crisis, we can do something meaningful; with your help, we can get medical and surgical supplies to those Ukrainians who need it most.

Why You Should Donate Today

  • We have a vast network and are connected with contacts on the ground in Ukraine, daily speaking 1-to-1 with them.
  • We are delivering supplies straight to diabetes patients, premature and compromised infants and those in need of surgical care.
  • We have actual confirmation that our deliveries of supplies and medical aid are in fact being received by hospitals in and around Ukraine.
  • We are a grassroots movement working with key partners such as the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Ukrainian Embassy.
  • We act quickly, no waiting around to “see” what may happen. A healthcare crisis doesn’t wait.
  • To date, we’ve raised over £525,000 with a targeted goal of £10 million.

Nurses treating a patient

If you want to help the effort in Ukraine, if you want to know how to best support the people of this once majestic country, this is how you do it. Give the citizens of Ukraine a real chance. Help them get the medical supplies and medications they desperately need. Donate today!

Stand with Ukraine